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Rusty’s Rant 11/9: AJ and Norv Still Suck


Ahhh!!! To rant or not to rant? That is the question,

Whether ‘tis nobler in mind to rant about AJ,
or simply put a bag of burning dog shit on his door step.
Actually, not dog shit, horse shit, or bull shit, but my camouflaged, nut filled, steaming shit.

Why AJ and not norv. Simple, norv sucks, we know it, we see him sucking; he can’t hide. AJ on the other hand will hide behind the curtain (wizard of oz reference you dickheads) touching himself over a couple draft days. As for managing a team, he is a retard. He can draft the players but as for overseeing the actual construction of a dynasty, it will never happen and that pisses me off. I have a great idea: Lets run off the heart of your defense (#59), I’m still bitter. AJ, you wrinkly little scrotum, you broke my heart. Norv, unfortunately your that guy who has found a way to make a career out of being mediocre and whenever you stand next to greatness (LT) you look even worse. That is why I have to stand next to Jabba the Hutt (star wars), carrot top (the red headed moron), rocky dennis (elephantman’s tumor), a really fat chick’s labia (could make a mom joke, but calling no nut Norv a fat labia is better), comic book guy (simpsons), leela’s parents (mutants from futurerama), hank hills narrow urethra (king of the hill), someone who needed the parts in (_). Hey norv, you’re just the freckle on AJ’s tiny sack but could at least you give the guy cancer or something.

Spanos, this is all your fault. Hey you want me, a local San Diego asshole to start cheering the next time you say you want a stadium (and half the land in mission valley), win me a championship. If you still choose to keep selling off talent (still bitter about Harrison, Edwards, insert third name here), if you choose to keep breaking our hearts and screwing our minds, then bugger off. Go Pads, what happened to the Gulls, and where in the hell did the San Diego Soccers go? Screw it I am going to start going back to San Diego State games until they cancel the program because liberal studies needs the practice field to grow vagina plants. I am sick and tired of this entire mentality in southern California. HEY SoCal!!!, this weekend is your chance to toughen up, there will be a lot of Indy fans here this week, so step up and support your local violent drunk when he pops one of those Hoosier hacks. The problem is that Indy fans can get tickets. WTF?!?! I know we can all find other shit to do aside from going to a football game but crap. Look at green bay do you ever think San Diego fans will fill half that stadium? I will answer it for those who don’t know what rhetorical means, no. we will never fill green bay, because it is cold, green bay the town is seen as a fat cheese eating pasty bastard place, an the team would probably kick our ass. No one wants to travel to a shitty place just to watch their over hyped offense struggle and their defense get hurt.

I haven’t forgotten about you AJ, eat me. You bastard. And to anyone on the radio who continually sucks this guy’s butt, we understand you have too or he will go back into his hole until spring and you will never get another interview with him. We don’t fault you. ***We, the loyal fans of football, the fat guys who work in construction, the guys who drive trucks, the guys who bought tv’s just to watch football, the guys who chain smoke picking wax out of their ear with their cell phone antenna while thinking how great it would be if prince wasn’t allowed at the super bowl the Dixie chicks shut the fuck up and Michael Jackson was shot for putting his falice into children. We, the dickheads, request AJ to be kicked in the nuts because after the expectations we all had last year my balls hurt.***

Got enough things to get pised off about aside from football, but it is football!! and to some of us it is what we have too look forward too, it is not a business to us it is a “lifestyle choice” (#@gs use it to demand acceptance of b&%t humping why cant I?). So eat shit AJ, you game killing Deutschbag, You too spanos; you rich get richer while the poor gets 40$ parking you greedy son of a bitch. I hope you get mounted by a rabid raider fan.

In conclusion, stop screwing the fans when they don’t stop cheering when you loose, we have had enough let down. Personally, I’m getting to the point where buying that chargers shirt at walmart probably wont happen, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what you pencil necked Bean Counters are worried about. If you win you will make money shitheads.
GO BOLTS!!!! you testicles.

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One Response to “Rusty’s Rant 11/9: AJ and Norv Still Suck”

  1. rusty says:

    man, that rusty guy is real smart huh, and so handsome. the type of guy who should be on GQ magazine.

    oh yeah AJ likes it when norv… to his … with a frozen penguin… with a rotohammer… pube floss. son of a bitch

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