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Wilhelm’s Return Could Complete the Defensive Puzzle

LB’s Shawne Merriman and Shuan Phillips have not produced very much this year and it might not be their fault. Chargers Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell vehemently denies not calling plays with blitzes to pressure the QB. First, Cottrell told the San Diego Union Tribune, “It’s aggressive.” But when presented with evidence to the contrary, Cottrell responded, “Well, whatever. I’m not going to argue with you. But I’m not sitting back and playing frickin’ coverage; don’t tell me I’m not going after people.” Sorry Ted, but if I was in that press conference I would have told you that your defense is NOT going after people.

San Diego led the league in Sacks last season averaging almost four a game. This year they have just 9 sacks through 4 games. There is a very simple reason for this: Merriman and Phillips are not blitzing enough. The UT pointed out that last season against the Chiefs in December, San Diego blitzed both OLBs on 62% of the Chief’s pass plays. In last week’s loss to the Chiefs, both OLB’s blitzed at the same time on only 29% of the Chiefs’ pass plays.

This is very much like the running game in SD. The coaches are not giving their players enough reps to be successful. Hopefully with the return of ILB Matt Wilhelm will free up Merriman and Phillips to blitz more often. Wilhelm is expected to start this weekend after missing 3 games with an injury. He is a solid pass defender and is much more agile and fast than his replacement. With his return, Cottrell should be able to use Wilhelm to drop into pass coverage while telling Merriman and Phillips to pin their ears back and take off after that QB. Blitzing off the edge is the defense’s bread and butter. They have to do it more often to be successful because the DB’s just aren’t there yet and can’t cover for more than a few seconds so they need to get to the QB quickly.

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One Response to “Wilhelm’s Return Could Complete the Defensive Puzzle”

  1. Rusty says:

    Where to begin…
    The Qualcom Experience
    First thanks to my brother for getting me 50 yard line tickets. Showed up 3 hours early to get a parking spot not bad about an hour of driving through, around, and over people to finally back into a spot and move some 4 space taking jackass’ tent because he wouldn’t move it himself. Good to be a big asshole ogre. Hung out and had a feast of Gardettos, a giant orange soda, some m and m looking things I found under the seat, and nicotine. Took Mrs. Rusty who was getting ready to bust out her CPS badge and take half the kids she saw, but reminded herself that it was ok that mama just dropped her ciggy on little D.J.’s arm, spitting on it will make it heal.

    Got inside and up to our seats and cheapskate here even bout the wife a hat, 30$ later (eat me Spanos yeah I am just going to blame you its fassionable this week). God bless the moron in the raider’s visor who got arrested in the first five minutes of the game, and as for his two buddies who decided to go down with him, way to show your retard pride. Dear Raider fans yeah I know you have a better record right now, and I know your savior is going to run all over the place instead of pass, but remember; the Galaxy could kick your ass 4 out of 5 times, fat quarterbacks never seem to make it through the season, Randy Moss sure looks good (I feel dirty), you haven’t even had a chance to “blow it in the play offs” since…

    Game started out great. LT looked pretty good. Still running between the tackles but with a little more vigor than the previous weeks (for those without a 5th grade education vigor=balls). Gates looks a lot faster in person than he does on tv. The first half we looked fired up. Then everything went to hell.

    The second half was pathetic. Dear Quinten Jerkass may you be mounted by a rabid dog and drilled in your ear hole. Flagged for holding and you still give up a TD. YOU SUCK. To the middle linebackers did you watch Donnie Edwards. See how he filled gaps on every down. See how he went toe to toe with Mr. LoNeal and broke even, which is an accomplishment, see how he could cover the god damn quick slants, take notes. For the love of god, if KC didn’t brain fart on the fact that they filled our linebacker spot with a line-cook they could have hit Gonzalez with quick slants all day instead of just the second half. Wilhelm come on lets see what you got.

    And to Norv, I am getting ready to pull a DUTCH DOOLEY on yeah, tie yeah to a hockey stick and carry you to my trunk. Running with LT 6 times in the second half, can anyone out there say that was a “special needs” decision. AJ not forgetting about you. These are your boys, the future, the freaking apocalypse in my opinion. You got railed on national tv this week for being an ego maniac, not soon enough in my opinion. You are a weasel, always have been and always will.

    And to the west coast “fans”. You bunch of brain dead, corn dog ass stuffing, morons. All of you who were screaming that they hated “Marty Ball,” looks pretty frickin good now huh. Bunch of USC loving, latte drinking, san fransico gay sex trip taking, slut sunglass wearing, popped collar, know nothing, sons of bitches. YOU ENABLE AJ. Screaming about oh why does he play it safe with a lead. EAT ME. He won. One play off game does not a season make. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but so does your “flat mate”… You all make me sick. You don’t know a damn thing about football. Guys go back to wearing your button down blouses and waxing your chest. Girls go back to making out with each other so someone will buy you a 3$ drink. God damn I want to beat the hell out of 90% of my generation. OH yeah and AJ don’t think you are safe yet. THESE are the people you side with. What does that say about you? Self-centered much? You “Friends” watching homo.

    As for this week. Kick the shit out of Denver. They cant stop the run. Stuff a hole or two, and beat QJ until he learns to play better, he will thank you in the end. Norv good luck bud. Youre a good guy just no nuts. AJ you suck hope you fall out of your car on the 15. And Spanos your next.


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